August 5, 2020

‘A’ Building:

  • Underslab utilities are ongoing.

  • Stage concrete stem walls have been poured.

  • Steel structural columns in place. 

‘B’ Building:

  • Concrete building slab poured, and joints cut.


‘C’ and ‘D’ Buildings:

  • Cabinets installed, countertops yet to be installed. Flooring in classrooms start next week.

  • Ceiling tile grid patched, cut tiles being installed. Classrooms painted. Window and door frame repainting is scheduled.

  • Wall and floor tile installation complete in C toilet rooms. D toilet rooms scheduled to finish next week. Landscaping at College and Broadmor complete, awaiting sod.


‘E’ Building:

  • New ductwork in gym complete. Painting is scheduled.

  • Fire sprinkler piping being installed in the gym.

  • Final demolition in the old locker room areas finishing up.

  • Structural roof framing modifications at north and south roofs is complete.

  • All old rooftop mechanical units have been removed, all new have been set.

  • Roofs have been dried in.