August 14, 2020

A’ building. 

  • Under slab utilities nearing completion. 

  • Concrete slab pour scheduled for Friday 08.21. Service yard underground SRP conduit installation underway.

  • Structural steel columns set.


‘B’ building. 

  • Masonry/CMU wall installation underway. 

  • Scaffolding has been set and CMU walls are going up.

‘C’ and ‘D’ buildings. 

  • Millwork, flooring, interior painting, wall hung and monitors are complete.

  • Classroom marker boards, tack boards, ceiling tile, ceiling lights, pre-wire for new fire alarm system all scheduled.

  • Exterior painting of existing window frames, doors and door frames underway.

  • New landscaping complete at College and Broadmore. Toilet rooms – ceramic tile, painting, and plumbing fixtures are complete. 

  • Lighting, toilet partitions and toilet accessories are scheduled.


‘E’ building. 

  • Overhead and underground utilities being installed in the classrooms spaces.

  • Roofs are dried in.

  • Roof structure modifications are complete.

  • All new rooftop mechanical units are in place.

  • All new window and door openings have been cut into existing structure. 

  • All new lintels in place.