December 1, 2020

A & B buildings.

  • CMU walls and roof structures complete.

  • Rooftop mechanical units in place on B.  Roof dry-in process underway.

  • Interior stud wall framing and furring nearing completion.

  • Overhead and in-wall MP & E well underway in B.  Getting started in A.

  • Preparing for metal roof system installation in B


C & D buildings.

  • Students no longer on campus.

  • Ongoing punch items.


E building.

  • Gymnasium complete for now.

  • Interior remodel spaces:

    • Stud wall framing and furring well underway.

    • Overhead and in-wall utilities well underway.

    • Structural corrections nearly complete.

    • Exterior stucco and CMU repairs and new paint scheduled.



  • New sidewalk, entrance drives and asphalt road patch along College Ave. complete, barricades removed.

  • Underground storm drain installation underway.

  • North parking lot concrete curbing nearing completion.

  • Parking lot light poles on site and preparing for installation.

  • CMU site screen walls and trash enclosure complete.

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