September 25, 2020

E building

  • Interior painting in the gym is underway.

  • Preparing for interior concrete slab pours – areas north and west of the gym existing lobby on east side.

  • South classroom nearing completion.  New paint, flooring, ceiling grid and tile.

A & B buildings

  • CMU walls are substantially complete in B.

  • B wood roof structure is underway.  Preparing for steel roof structure in Learning Commons.

  • CMU walls going vertical in A.  Ongoing coordination with structural steel installation as CMU is going up.

C & D buildings

  • Interior remodel work is substantially complete.

  • Scheduling exterior wall cleaning and prep for CMU block sealer.


  • Exterior grading between D and E is underway.  Preparing for sidewalks.

  • Underground storm drain around E is complete for now.

  • Drywells are complete.

  • Site grading in north parking lot is underway.  Preparing for curbing and light pole bases.

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